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Local rules

Local rules

Please keep in touch with the group in front of you. in case you lost contact, please speed up the game. If you still haven’t reached the group in front of you, please miss the faster players.

It’s marked with white columns at ground level: 1., 2., 3., 15., 16., and 18th which mark the boundary of the playing field. Where there are no white posts, the outside metal fence is considered the boundary of the playground 


Dropping zone for “Penalty Area”:

Dropping zone of the 7th hole. If the ball ended up in the “Penalty area” the player can continue the game from the drop zone with the penalty kick.

Dropping zone 17th hole: Applies to all balls that en up in the lake – “Penalty area”, the player can continue the game from the drop zone with one penalty kick.

Every tree up to 2 m height or a tree marked with the poles, small flags or a plastig ring around the tree. If the player’s ball is next to such a tree, if the tree interferes with the adressing the ball or the swing itself, the player must take relief under Rule 16.1f.

Playground under repair

All areas marked with tape, string and white paint.

All bunkers marked with green or blue stakes.

Any area of ​​damaged soil (eg, as a result of maintenance machinery) is considered soil under repair.

Any area of ​​plowed and leveled earth, sand.

Erosion damage in bunkers caused by running water.

Tee markings, water sprinklers, drainage covers, all fairways near the greens,  trash bins and a construction facility on the right side of the fairway in the woods on the 13th hole.

A young tree  marked with stakes, small flags or a plastic hoop around the tree.

Roots on the fairway and in the semi-rough (two club lengths) from the edge of the fairway.

Stumps all over the field.

Electric fence on hole No. 4 and No. 15.

A player can take relief according to rule 16.1.


All block-covered roads and sand-covered fairways on the course and all other unpaved fairways are treated as immovable obstructions and the player may take relief under Rule 16.1.

Dress code

*The club changing room is available to members and guests, so changing in the parking lot is not allowed.

All headgear recognized and accepted by golfers us allowed

Golf shirts must have a collar and long or short sleeves.

Men must have their shirts tucked into their pants throughout the game.

It is forbidden to wear rugby/soccer or similar jerseys, t-shirts with prominent inscriptions or illustrations that are not related to golf.

No collarless shirts or t-shirts of any shape are allowed, even if they are from a well-known golf apparel manufacturer.

Sweatpants are not allowed.

Pants must be cut and adapted to golf.

All types or colors of denim (denim), paramilitary or camouflage, and work pants are not allowed, as well as pants with side pockets on the legs.

Pants that tie with a string or have elastic around the waist are not allowed, as are sweatpants.

It is mandatory to use a seat belt.

Bermuda shorts must not exceed the knee or be more than 10 cm above the knee.

Shorts and sports or exercise pants are not allowed.

Shorts tied with a string or with elastic around the waist are not allowed.

Socks must always be worn.

If they are knee high, they must not be lowered to the ankles.

Golf shoes with soft spikes.

No sandals of any kind are allowed.

Shirts/tops without a collar must have sleeves, and shirts/tops without sleeves must have a collar.

A moderate neckline should not be deeper than 10 cm below the neck line.

Tops with “straps” are not welcome.

Pants, skirt-pants, bermuda shorts and golf skirts are allowed.

Mini skirts are not preferred.

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