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Golf course rules

Golf course rules

  • All golfers who intend to play must register at the reception desk. (Please leave your golf bags in front of the main entrance to the club house).
  • The starter and marshal has a discretionary right to prohibit a particular player from playing at the golf course at any time, if they found the player in violation of rules of conduct, or disturbing other players.
  • Each player must have his own golf bag and golf clubs.
  • Non golfers can not walk on the golf course
  • Players found on the golf course without a paid green fee, will pay triple the price of green fee for that day. Driving range balls are not allowed on the golf course. Violation of this rule will be punished with 500,00 kuna.
  • Players are requested to repair any damage to the course caused by play (repairing divots – restore turf, rake bunkers, repair pitch-marks on the green).
  • It is not allowed to make practice shots on a tee that can cause damage on the tee ground. Try your practice swing through the air.
  • Do not approach the green with golf trolleys on less than 5 meters, or with golf carts on less than 10 meters. Do not cross the ropes with golf trolleys or golf carts. Follow the signs on the golf course
  • Dogs are allowed on the course in all periods except during the tournament.
  • Dogs are not allowed to stay at the training ground, greens, bunkers, play on the lawns around the golf course, enter the toilets, locker rooms, and closed areas of the restaurant.

The dog must be obedient and at all times on a leash.

The dog must have a muzzle, if required by the Dangerous Dogs Regulations.

The owner is obliged to wear cleaning supplies (bag and spatula) and immediately clean the surface that is contaminated by his dog.

The owner is responsible for all damages.

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