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Tournament rules

  • When applying for the tournament a player registers his name, last name, golf club and exact handicap. Handicap must allways be registered to one decimal.
  • Players whose handicap cannot be verified (in their home golf club, on the internet etc.) will not be accepted in official competition
  • Beginners tournaments are opened for all golfers who passed the final test for active playing (so called „DI“) within last 12 months.
  • Handicap groups are defined as:
    • group A: handicap ≤ 12,4
    • group B: handicap ≥ 12,5 i ≤ 24,4
    • group C: handicap ≥ 24,5 i ≤ 36,0
  • The latest date to apply for the tournament is also the latest date to cancel your attendance.
  • Players who did not attend the tournament nor cancelled their attendance, should pay double Starting fee at the next tournament.
  • Players cannot choose playing partners in the flight. Flights arrangements are at the discretion of the tournament organizer.
  • Players need to check or register their exact handicap on their score card. Any player who does not register his exact handicap on the score card may be subject to disqualification.
  • Playesr should check in for the tournament 15 minutes prior to their starting time. If a player arrives too late to tee off with his group he shall be assessed a penalty, according to rules of golf (Rule No. 6)
    • 5 minutes delay – 2 penalty strokes,
    • more than 5 minutes – disqualification (Rule No. 6) 
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