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Birdie book


Hole #1 / 340 meters / Pair 4

Keep the introductory drive on the right side of the fairway. A view of the green opens up, protected by a hazard and a bunker on the right. Good game!


Hole #2 / 142 meters / Pair 3

Choose the right club and aim for the middle of the green. Green trapped by bunkers and a hazard on the right. Good game!!!


Hole #3 / 335 meters / Pair 4

A shorter Pair 4, play a safe tee shot in front of the fairway bunker. This location offers a beautiful view of the green, which is on two levels. Good game!!!


Hole #4 / 470 meters / Pair 5

To risk or not? Players with a long drive have the opportunity to play PUTT, while others should stick to the fairway on the right side. Good game!!!


Hole #5 / 355 meters / Pair 4

Stroke 1. A long drive on the right side of the fairway allows a good approach to the green with a high or medium iron. On the left side, the entire length is protected by a waste bunker and a hazard. Good game!!!


Hole #6 / 345 meters / Pair 4

Birdie opportunity, nice hole. Open the game with a mid-wood or low iron and ease yourself into the second shot with a wedge or higher iron. Good game!!!


Hole #7 / 149 meters / Pair 3

Choose the right club since this is the largest green on the field surrounded by hazard and bunkers on the left side. Good game!!!


Hole #8 / 500 meters / Pair 5

Longest hole on the course - strong PAR 5. Play the second shot to a safe spot on the fairway for a good attack on the green in three levels. Many times twice is success!!! Good game!!!


Hole #9 / 365 meters / Pair 4

Return to the clubhouse. Wide fairway, relax and play a long drive. The green with two is reachable with a precise second shot. Good game!!!


Hole #10 / 332 meters / Pair 4

Shorter PAR 4, play a safe opening shot with a middle wood or drive and a good attack allows for a birdie opportunity. Good game!!!


Hole #11 / 119 meters / Pair 3

The most beautiful PAR 3 hole of the course, stroke 18, great opportunity for birdie. Good luck! Good game!!!


Hole #12 / 299 meters / Pair 4

A safe initial shot in front of the fairway bunker opens up a view of the green surrounded by a bunker on the left and a hazard on the right. A great opportunity for a good result. Good game!!!


Hole #13 / 473 meters / Pair 5

Long hitters came into their own again, reachable with two shots on the green. The only hole without a hazard that ends with a large green. Good game!!!


Hole #14 / 384 meters / Pair 4

One of the more difficult holes on the course, protected by trees for the initial shot on the left and bunkers in front of the green for the second shot. Green narrow, but quite spry. Good game!!!


Hole #15 / 455 meters / Pair 5

Be smart! A dangerous hole if the first shot is not in the right place, the water hazard is in play after the first shot. The hitters shoot with two shots on the green, which is medium in size and quite loose. Good game!!!


Hole #16 / 323 meters / Pair4

Forest field, being in the right place with the first shot is very important. Play with a low iron or a medium wood. The only field on the field without bunkers, but surrounded by trees along its entire length. Good game!!!


Hole #17 / 119 meters / Pair 3

The longest and most difficult PAR 3 course. Stick to the left and rely on a good short game. Good game!!!


Hole #18 / 119 meters / Pair 4

"Monster hole" - probably the most demanding PAR 4 in the region. Don't try to do miracles, play safe and smart since the entire field is surrounded by obstacles and has a very narrow fairway and the water hazard in front of the green is a magnet for balls. Good game!!!

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